Unum Insurance at Kenmar Dental, Marietta

If you are an Unum Dental policy holder looking for a dentist in the Marietta, GA area, give Kenmar Dental a call Dr. Chirag Patel and his team will talk you through any insurance questions you may have and you can relax knowing that if you have Unum dental insurance, you can make use of the discounts given to benefit payments from your in-network dental provider, Kenmar Dental.

What is Unum Insurance and Does my Dentist Accept it?

Unum dental insurance is for anybody wishing to lower their out-of-pocket expenses for dental care. Their plans are customizable and, with a large and growing network of dental offices to choose from, it’s easy to find a local professional dentist near you in Marietta, like Dr. Patel at Kenmar Dental.

In most cases, Kenmar Dental will submit your insurance claim form to Unum on your behalf. This claim will then be checked against your plan to confirm eligibility. Expenses that are covered by your plan will be applied, also taking into account your deductible, co-insurance and any maximum benefits. Patients will then be notified of how much has been covered and how much they may need to pay.

At Kenmar Dental, we want our Marietta, GA patients to have the best experience possible so we will work with you to create an affordable treatment plan.

If you’re in Marietta, GA searching for a local dentist that accepts Unum insurance, Dr. Chirag Patel at Kenmar Dental is an in-network Unum dental provider.

Unum Dental Insurance Accepted in Marietta, GA

We understand that dental insurance can be a confusing issue. By accepting Unum Dental policy holders, Kenmar Dental allows patients to make great savings on their dental procedures. If you have further questions regarding the coverage that Unum Dental insurance provides, please contact their customer support team or log in to view your benefits online.

If you are looking for a dentist office that accepts new patients with Unum dental insurance, or you are changing providers to Unum Dental, please contact Kenmar Dental at our Marietta, GA office for more details on joining our practice and your financial options. Dr. Chirag Patel and the team look forward to meeting you!

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