Dr. Chirag Patel

As a dentist, I have the privilege of maintaining or restoring an extremely important aspect of my patients’ lives: their oral health and smile. By taking the time to speak with each person, I’m able to develop individual treatment plans right for their situation. Just as each patient is unique, so too are their needs. As a dentist, it’s my responsibility to figure out what’s the best solution to each person’s oral health desires.

I understand that it’s essential to stay at the leading edge of new technology and treatment processes, and to reinforce my existing knowledge. This ensures that I am able to deliver excellent and efficient care to my patients. In addition to my formal education, I take dental courses at the local, regional, and national levels, and participate in multiple study groups.

I chose to become a dentist because it’s the perfect combination of healthcare, technology, and art. By combining those elements, I’m able to make positive changes in the lives of people who’ve become my friends.

Dr. Patel, our highly trained dentist at Kenmar Dental in Marietta, GA
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