MetLife Insurance at Kenmar Dental, Marietta

Kenmar Dental accepts many insurance providers at our Marietta, GA office, including MetLife Dental. If you have a MetLife dental insurance policy, come and join Dr. Chirag Patel and the team at Kenmar Dental for professional, friendly and efficient dental care. We know that dental insurance can be confusing so don’t be afraid to ask the team at Kenmar Dental if you have any questions. We want to make sure our treatment plans for Marietta, GA patients are comprehensive and affordable so give us a call to discuss financial options for your dental care. For more information about exactly what your MetLife dental policy covers, please contact your provider directly.

What is MetLife Insurance and Does my Dentist Accept it?

MetLife Dental insurance is big on policyholders keeping up with their regular dental treatments. Seeing your dentist twice a year as well as daily brushing and flossing sets your oral health on a great track. Usually, MetLife will cover your regular check-ups and cleanings at 100%.

MetLife Dental offers a range of different insurance plans to suit every pocket and has a large network of dental professionals, working to give you great dental care at an affordable price. Dr. Chirag Patel at Kenmar Dental is an in-network dentist for MetLife dental insurance. That means that as a MetLife dental insurance member in the Marietta area, you can lower the cost of any dental procedures by making an appointment with Kenmar Dental.

Contact us today as a MetLife dental insurance holder to make your first appointment or to see how we can help you get your perfect smile. Now accepting patients from Marietta, Kennesaw and surrounding areas!

MetLife Dental Insurance Accepted in Marietta, GA

By accepting MetLife Dental policy holders, Kenmar Dental allows patients to make great savings on their dental procedures, especially with in-network dentists like Dr. Chirag Patel.

If you have further questions regarding the specific coverage that your MetLife Dental insurance plan provides, please contact their customer support team.


If you are looking for a dentist office near you that accepts new patients with MetLife dental insurance, or you are changing providers to MetLife Dental, please contact Kenmar Dental at our Marietta, GA office for more details on joining our practice and your financial options. Dr. Chirag Patel and the team look forward to meeting you!

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