Humana Insurance at Kenmar Dental, Marietta

If you are a Humana Dental insurance policyholder looking for a dentist in the Marietta, GA area, give Kenmar Dental a call We know that dental insurance can be confusing so let Dr. Chirag Patel and his team talk you through any insurance questions you may have.

What is Humana Insurance and Does my Dentist Accept it?
Humana Dental insurance is a great option for people who visit their dentist on a regular basis for preventive care. There are plenty of plans to choose from to suit every budget and you can also add your spouse and other dependents to your Humana Dental plan. As a Humana Dental insurance member, you have certain rights that you might need to be aware of. Please refer to Humana’s member rights for more information on what you can expect from your policy. With a Humana Dental policy, preventive measures such as routine exams and oral cleanings at your Marietta dentist are generally covered at 100%, meaning there’s no reason for you to put off a visit to Kenmar Dental. Many of Humana’s plans also give you coverage within days, giving you extra peace of mind if you need to see a dentist. Dr. Chirage Patel is an in-network dental provider in the Marietta, GA area for holders of a Humana Dental policy. Contact us today to make your first appointment or to see how we can help you get your perfect smile.
Humana Dental Insurance Accepted in Marietta, GA

By accepting Humana Dental policyholders, Kenmar Dental allows patients to make great savings on their dental procedures, especially with in-network dentists like Dr. Chirag Patel.

If you have further questions regarding the coverage that Humana Dental insurance provides, please contact their customer support team or view your benefits online.

If you are looking for a dentist office that accepts new patients with Humana dental insurance, or you are changing providers to Humana Dental, please contact Kenmar Dental at our Marietta, GA office for more details on joining our practice and your financial options. Dr. Chirag Patel and the team look forward to meeting you!